Awarding Adllieh Trainee
Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi was established with basic missions and core values that remain our focus throughout the years. One of these missions is “to participate effectively in the sustainable development of our country in the economic and social sense.” From this idea, as well as a part of corporate social responsibility program, BBSF participated in the “أهل الشام” initiative that aims to trainpeople in need of jobs and teaches them a skill. This initiative was meant to target the families and individuals who were affected by the war to help them develop a skill in a particular career path to enable to find jobs and thus become productive members of society who support their families and themselves.
On November 15th, 2016, BBSF represented by staff from the executive management as well as one of the board members visited Al-Adlieh Village in Al-Kosweh, Syria, to participate in the certificate distribution ceremony for the first completed program of this initiative which was hairdressing training for both men and women. 
The importance of initiatives like this one, and collaborating with local charities is the fact that they are truly closer to the reality of the situation on the ground and really do help make a difference in people’s lives by offering them the opportunity they really need to keep moving forward despite the circumstances. The charities benefiting from this initiative are Al-Hikmeh charity association in Jaramana, Al-Adlieh charity association in Al-Kosweh and Jabaadin charity association in Jabaadin.
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