Semi-Retail Loan



-          Features and characteristics:

·        It's directed to companies, establishments and free lancers such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, traders, craftsmen, etc.

·        The purpose of loan is to finance the expansion of existed business as follows:

-         Financing business needs:

o    Working capital needed for inventory, receivables and purchasing issues.

o    Other business needs.


-        Fixed assets as: 

o   Machines.

o   Acquisition of commercial real estate with 40% down payment.

o   Renovation of commercial real estate

·        It's against real estate first degree mortgage.

·        The loan amount is up to SYP 100 MLN.

·        The tenor varies between 1 to 8 years based on the loan purpose.


-           Purpose of Loan:

·        The loan will be used to finance companies, establishments and free lancers to facilitate the expansion of the existed business against Real Estate mortgage.




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