BBSF Priority Banking Program



BBSF priority banking program is a comprehensive program to develop long –term, mutually rewarding relationships with our Elite & VIP clients; through giving them exclusive membership privileges  

Cards types

BBSF Platinum Card

BBSF Gold Card

 Reward & Privileges  categories (internal / external)

BBSF Priority Banking Program offers the clients whom granted this exclusive membership, special types of cards which shall provide them with a set of special service, rewards & privileges.
These special services, rewards & privileges will be provided by BBSF Bank and its partners in this project.

BBSF Reward & Privileges 

Special service in the branch “Quick, Private ”

Answering all the client explanation /needed information at any time over the phone

Free E-Banking service

Free check book

Special pricing for Safe Box

Special pricing on loan interest

Special  BBSF ATM cards  limits for cash withdrawal



External partners Reward & privileges 

Golden Card

Platinum Card



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